4 interior design trends to follow

Does your home feel cramped? Do you wish your home were more welcoming and open? When you think about updating the design of your home, are you unsure what to do or where to begin? If so, then consider adopting one of the following four home design ideas to give your house a fresh, welcoming makeover.

Ditch the Living and Dining Room

A recent trend in home design eliminates the separate living or dining room. No longer seen as a space to separate from other areas of the home, the living room is transforming instead into a hybrid of the kitchen and family room.

If your home was designed with its living or dining room cut off from the kitchen, consider getting rid of the walls that separate the rooms, merging the rooms into a single large area. By creatively organizing your furniture and taking advantage of your increased space, you can create a welcoming, open, inviting space where your kids can watch their favorite shows and play, where you can prepare and enjoy your meals, and where your friends can join you for everything from game nights to dinner and a show.

Go Green
Making your home as environmentally friendly as possible is always in style, especially in our climate-aware times. More and more homeowners are investing in energy-efficient appliances that meet or exceed the requirements of environmental codes.

You can design your home to be greener than ever by incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly features such as solar panels, low flow faucets, and engineered wood. If you do invest in energy-efficient appliances or home HVAC systems, be sure to have them regularly checked by a professional, such as Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co., to keep them running properly — and to save you as much money as possible.

solar panels
Enhance the Kitchen Space
No longer the domain of the cook, the kitchen has evolved into the heart of the home. To reflect this change in role, consider updating your kitchen by adding additional seating, another sink, or an island if you have the space.

If you’re just beginning to design your home, carefully consider your kitchen’s layout. Incorporate bar seating and high ceilings if you like, and perhaps space for a large kitchen table. Try a cozier, less modern feel for your cabinets and countertops, making your kitchen feel as inviting as possible.

Add a Touch of Texture

Textures are on the rise again, but not the textures you might remember. Shag carpets might never be back in style, but simple, natural textures, such as engineered wood, raw materials, or stones, are surging in popularity. Instead of selecting a sleek, shiny finish, consider choosing a natural look for your bedroom flooring, or for the countertops in your bathroom and kitchen.

Whether you’re only beginning to design your new home or are simply looking for a few ways to update the house in which you already live, consider one of these four home designs to reimagine the space where you live.