An ocean in your kitchen: clever l-shaped island aquarium

Watch your pet fish flit around peacefully as you cook with this sleek minimalist kitchen island that doubles as a massive aquarium. Created by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik, ‘Ocean Keuken’ appears at first glance to be one big rectangular aquarium taking up the entire center of the kitchen, but walk around to the other side and you’ll see that it’s actually functional, too.

An ocean in your kitchen

The aquarium is L-shaped, wrapping around a storage unit and sink that’s rendered virtually invisible with the use of reflective materials. Wondering how you feed the fish or clean the tank? Press a button and the entire countertop rises into the air.

An ocean in your kitchen 2

The freshwater tank includes an integrated water filtering system built into one of the four cabinets. Designed for a client who wanted a large aquarium close to the kitchen in a luxury villa, the custom creation has inspired requests for similar built-in aquariums in unusual places.

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